Yalding Church Preservation Society

an independent charitable trust Charity No:1075662

Medieval Parish Chest

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The renovation of the medieval chest is one of the most recent projects funded by YCPS to assist Yalding Church in its duty of care for the fabric and contents of the church.

The Chest dates from between 1350 and 1450, having thus been in constant use for the storage of church valuables, documents, vestments and church plate, for about 600 years. It had been divided into two unequal parts in about 1450 and has four generations of hinges and locks dating from its original construction, from the time it was divided, from some time in the 18th century and from the 19th or early 20th centuries. It may at some period have been brightly painted.

The restoration was carried out by Neil Wakeling, with assistance from Sterne’s forge in repairing the iron strapwork and making nails to fit.

Author: YCPS

We are a registered charity (No 1075662) who are tasked with raising money to protect the fabric of the church of St Peter & St Paul in the village of Yalding, Kent

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