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Cobblestone Pathway

Cobblestone Pathway

We are aware that the cobblestone path leading up to the church from Church House has become  a subject of local discussion and would like to make the position of the YCPS clear. 

The YCPS supports the church by raising money to contribute to projects designed to maintain the building and its surrounding area. It does this by generating financial support from the village and those associated as a whole.

Projects for our support are suggested to us by the PCC (Parochial Church Council), and funding or part-funding may then be agreed by the Trustees of YCPS, who are not generally regular members of the church congregation but represent the rest of the village.

We do not propose projects ourselves. We may, however, select projects from a short list. The criteria for selection include a concern for the historic nature of the church and its conservation. In this way, we try to recognise the importance of the church for the whole community rather than just its congregation.

If we were to be asked to support the replacement or refurbishment of the cobblestone path (and we have not yet been asked), we would be likely to take account of conservation issues, opinion in the village and cost. It is possible that we would be able to influence a decision about the path by expressing our views about its conservation and by offering or withholding financial support.

It is undoubtedly true, however, that a final decision would rest with the PCC, regardless of the position of YCPS. What we hope is that we would be able to influence any decision made and that any outcome would be supported by the YCPS and by the village community.

Obviously, we wish to continue to attract the support of the village community, as without it we could not do our job.

We would welcome any views, which you can express by posting your comments on this website or if you prefer to not make public comment then complete the form below.

YCPS Trustees


Author: YCPS

We are a registered charity (No 1075662) who are tasked with raising money to protect the fabric of the church of St Peter & St Paul in the village of Yalding, Kent

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