Yalding Church Preservation Society

an independent charitable trust Charity No:1075662

Lot 3 – Specialist Tea Tasting to create your own Tea blend

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alexThis is a very different and unique chance to learn more about what is considered to be the UK’s national drink!

You will be issued with a pair of tickets  to attend a “Blends for Friends” public tasting event hosted by Master Tea Blender Alex Probyn.

Alex has a delightful relaxed and informative way of talking tea and will ensure you not only get to taste a range of teas but his company will give you the chance to put together your very own tea blend. This is very much an item for the tea enthusiast and would make an ideal gift for someone of such a disposition.tea1

You will spend circa 3 hours learning all about tea prior to creating your own personal blends which will be sent in a 100g bag by post to you.         

(The estimated value of this item is £100)

The Auction goes live in eight days time…to make your bids please click here

Author: YCPS

We are a registered charity (No 1075662) who are tasked with raising money to protect the fabric of the church of St Peter & St Paul in the village of Yalding, Kent

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