Yalding Church Preservation Society

an independent charitable trust Charity No:1075662

About Us

The Yalding Church Preservation Society (YCPS) was founded by a group of ordinary non-churchgoers to secure the safety of the fabric of our Parish Church of St Peter and St Paul.

The current trustees are as follows (November 2017)








 The following are a pen-portrait of each trustee for your information, with each making a statement about why they are involved.


” My family and I moved into Yalding in 2000, having previously lived in the neighbouring village of East Peckham for 16 years. For over 30 years I worked in the financial services industry in the City of London where I had ample opportunities to appreciate a rich and varied legacy of church architecture.

Now I have retired, I am beginning to explore the many fine old churches in Kent and further a field. St Peter and St Paul like so many of our parish churches, is a vital part of the heritage of its village. I passionately believe we should do everything possible to preserve this fine legacy for the future. I became Treasurer and Trustee of YCPS in 2006.”


 “Having moved to the village in 2007 I have grown to love the sense of community about the place. There is always something going on and I have always tried to support local charities in whatever ways I can. Working from home I am keen to bring a fresh approach to the society in the ways it raises money to support the remit to protect the fabric of the church.

In these challenging financial times I am keen to embrace all forms of modern communication to get the message out to all to support us to ensure the important work continues to maintain the church and its heritage”


“My family moved to Yalding from London in 2006.  We found the welcome given to us far beyond our expectations and my joining YCPS has been my opportunity to give a little bit back to our community as well as being most enjoyable.

We are dedicated to raise funds to ensure our beautiful church stays just that…beautiful.”


” I came to Kent in 1974 as an Archivist to help care for the County Council’s rich and varied archival collections. From 1978 I was involved in implementing the county’s contribution to the Parochial Records & Registers Measure, which regularly checked the status of these records in each of over four hundred parishes throughout Kent.

In doing this, I became aware of the continuity of care for the fabric of parish churches that showed in the records and also of the fact that costs for this work were spiralling whilst congregations were dwindling.

I became a Trustee of YCPS in 2003 in order to help ensure that our Grade I parish church could be maintained to the highest possible standard to pass on to future generations.”


Awaiting quote…


” I became involved as a trustee two years ago.(2009) I have lived in Yalding for about eleven years. I love the village and its church. I have a strong attachment to churches as my father was a vicar.

His seaside parish in Essex had an eleventh century parish church, and I know only too well how hard it is for a congregation to maintain an old church without the assistance of others.

I joined the YCPS as I wanted to help preserve our lovely parish church.”


I joined the YCPS because our beautiful church has become very important to me and my two young children.  Little Fishes was a real source of support when my children were very young and the building itself was warm, welcoming and gave me a real sense of Yalding’s long and interesting history.

Although we only moved into the village in 2010, my family are historically from Yalding and the church has been the venue of significant family occasions.

I’ve since been to many special events in the church and I am extremely keen to be involved in preserving it for future generations.

The Teddy Bear Parachute Jump has already become a fixture in my family’s calendar and I’m also very keen to help with this wonderful event – another example of how our village community does things so wonderfully!

Do you want to become involved?

Please complete the form below and we will contact you to discuss how you can help.

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