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Happy New Year…well at least a little less soggy!

Well a great deal has happened since the end of 2013 for the village of Yalding and its residents… The floods that occurred from Christmas Eve onwards have caused much devastation to homes.

The church though came into its own showing how vital this building is to the heart of the community. It was used as a refuge for those rescued from their properties and became the hub of information and solace for many.

Now with the festivities passed the village begins to get back to some degree of normality with the constant stream of vans outside of flood damaged properties and the deafening ring of hammer drills removing plaster from walls and new piles of residents belonging appearing on the streets and in skips.

The village will bounce back as there is a real community within as complete strangers and friends turned up to help with the clear up. The church still stands proud in it’s heart and as a historic building it makes us realise it’s vital importance and the need for us to highlight the work we do to help maintain its fabric and future.

We had a very successful fundraising event pre Christmas with our first ever Auction of Promises – It has helped us to raise the sum of £2065 and we thank both all those who donated the items to auction and equally all those who made those successful bids.

We felt the time was now right to perhaps showcase in a little more detail the purpose of YCPS and what we have achieved and why we need you to help support our work into the future and maybe even become more involved as some current trustees step down and hand over their roles to new supporters.

Please save the date of 15th March 2014 when we plan to hold what we are calling a “YCPS Display Day” – this will be your chance to come and find out more about not only the work we support and do but also some interesting facts about the church. We have lots planned and we will also be announcing more details very soon.

The YCPS AGM will also be held in the Church rooms on March 26th… more details on this soon…

YCPS Trustees

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Tower Dinner success!

Ruth hoists the feast!

The tower dinner was a huge success and all participants had a wonderful time! We raised a sum in excess of £1500, well ahead of our target. Our brilliant chef Hari Covert has posted a full report on his website that you can access here.

We are grateful to all the sponsors who supplied our drinks. Moodley’s Brewery of Penshurst produced a Summer Solstice ale especially for the evening. A local English sparkling wine from Marden, Herbert Hall, was very popular and kindly donated by Tim Fletcher of Rodney Fletcher Vintners. The wines were donated by Liquid Pleasure of Tenterden and received excellent comments. Kent Cordials also provided the ingredients for an Elderflower summer cocktail, which was also in demand and apple juice was donated from the local Loddington Farm. We would also like to acknowledge the help given by Dave King, our local celebrity photographer!