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Medieval Chest before renovation by YCPS

Medieval Chest before renovation by YCPS

You may remember that in 2012 YCPS was responsible for the repair of the church chest at Yalding, which had been used for generations to store church valuables.

This October, two dendrochronologists from Oxford (tree ring daters to most of us) visited the church to take samples of the oak from which the chest is made in order to calculate its age.

Medieval Chest renovated by YCPS

The renovated chest

There was some discussion when they came about where the wood had come from, including from as far away as the Baltic.

As it turned out, the chest was made from local wood, with a likely felling date range 1305–21. Wood was usually used fairly quickly after felling so we can confidently date our chest to the early 14th century.

This is just one of the many projects that the YCPS has funded over the years and illustrates well the importance of the work we do in raising funds to support the fabric of the church.

Please do continue to support our fundraising…remember the YCPS 2016 calendars are still on sale via Tim Chapman at Yalding Post Office or from the Village Tea Rooms. Alternatively please reserve using the form below and pick up from either outlet or at the Yalding Yuletide Fair on Saturday 5th December 2015

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The work of the YCPS…

We thought it would be a good idea to perhaps show more pictorially the work of the YCPS as the money raised is put to good use.

We asked the Rev Paul Filmer the Vicar if he could take some interesting pictures for us and this is what he has sent us… It certainly shows the breadth of work we have helped fund over the years to ensure the fabric of St Peter & St Pauls is maintained and protected for the future.

You will also note the pictures are also being used as headers to the web site – if you have some that you think we could use please feel free to send them to us.

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Medieval Parish Chest

The renovation of the medieval chest is one of the most recent projects funded by YCPS to assist Yalding Church in its duty of care for the fabric and contents of the church.

The Chest dates from between 1350 and 1450, having thus been in constant use for the storage of church valuables, documents, vestments and church plate, for about 600 years. It had been divided into two unequal parts in about 1450 and has four generations of hinges and locks dating from its original construction, from the time it was divided, from some time in the 18th century and from the 19th or early 20th centuries. It may at some period have been brightly painted.

The restoration was carried out by Neil Wakeling, with assistance from Sterne’s forge in repairing the iron strapwork and making nails to fit.

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The Church’s medieval chest is to be refurbished.

YCPS has agreed to fund refurbishment of the church’s medieval chest, which is of considerable historical interest. Below is a brief summary of an expert report on the chest.

Medieval chest at St. Peter and St. Paul’s Church, Yalding, Kent
The chest is clamp-fronted and its method of construction places it historically somewhere between the 13th and 16th centuries. It may well have been made specially for our church: a few others exist in Kent, some more elaborate. It would have been used to store valuables such as records, books, church silver, vestments and alms. The chest originally had pin hinges, the oldest type of hinge, but four generations of hinge have succeeded these, the last probably in 19th century. Similarly, four generations of locks are apparent. The best guess of its age is between 1350 and 1450.
This is a brief summary of a report supplied by Chris Pickvance who researches old Kentish furniture and is a member of the Regional Furniture Society.