Yalding Church Preservation Society

an independent charitable trust Charity No:1075662

Donations and Gift Aid

We would greatly appreciate your help however large or small.

To make a financial contribution towards the preservation of St Peter and St Paul you may either make a single donation through a cheque payable to YCPS or set up a standing order to make regular payments to YCPS.

If you wish to make an on-line donation this can be done via our Peoples Fundraising Page  – please just click this link below.


We would also like to encourage supporters to also nominate YCPS as their chosen charity page with a Facebook Fundraising campagain. We recently had one supporter for their birthday ask for donations through Facebook – this raised an amazing £275 for very little effort. Check out how easy it is by clicking the Facebook link above.

Please follow this link to the Gift Aid Declaration and S O 2015 form for you to complete and return to YCPS if you wish to make a donation.

Alternatively, if you use electronic banking, you may set up the standing order yourself using the YCPS banking details provided on the form.

There is also a link to an official website giving more details about Gift Aid which makes your contribution worth more to us.

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